Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Matter of Conserving

One of those challenges that go with the increase of our world’s population is meeting the needs of the current and future generations. These needs include the demand for more food, shelter and other elements necessary for survival, causing restrain to the natural resources of our planet. Existing agricultural land produces lots of food, but the world continue to starve with the continuous growth of our population. Inopportunely, many individuals in extremely populated countries continue to reproduce despite the fact that their country’s already lacks of resources to support their children. Here is where the subject of conservation enters.

Conservation is precisely the solution to the problem of scarcity. What does conservation mean in the first place? Conservation is the act of preserving our natural resources such as protecting the rivers, forests including wildlife either through prudent management, campaigns and movements. You can technically think of conservation as a goal with two parts; first, the protection of valued resources, managing and caring of our Earth’s natural resources, and second, the
protection from change, keeping or saving us from the possibility of losing or causing a great damage to these resources. So why do we need to conserve? The answer is very simple, we need to conserve these natural resources to continue our survival and save the future of the next generation. Conservation itself will allow future generations to enjoy the natural gifts of our planet like the clean lakes, rivers, a diverse wildlife population, healthy soil and clean air to breathe.

Preserving our earth’s natural gifts can simply mean “maintaining the quality of life” which also refers to the wellness of our health. Factors such as clean air and water, uncluttered living areas, and reserved scenic lands and places greatly contribute to the quality of our lives.

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