Monday, December 28, 2015

Energy Conservation Tips

Being a "go-green" trendsetter doesn't only mean supporting green products or lending a hand to the environmentalists by planting trees. Doing acts to conserve energy is also a must!

Energy conservation refers to actively cutting down the amount of energy you are using. These are efforts made to reduce one's energy consumption. Energy conservation can result in increase financial capital, environmental quality and human comfort. And just a note, whenever you save energy, you don't only save money, you also lessen the demand for natural resources such as oil, natural gas and coal, which are depleting fast. And if worse comes to worst, pretty soon, there won't be enough for everyone. You can tell that from observing the increasing prices of these resources especially oil.

So what are the things you can do to help conserve energy. Here are some EASY energy conservation tips that you can do without breaking a sweat:
  • Unplug - When leaving the house, make sure to unplug all the appliances. Some electronics or
    appliances continue to drain amounts of electricity even while not in use or turned off. It would be wiser to plug them into a power strip and switch the strip off when you're not using them. 
  • Turn off the Lights -  Turn off the lights when you leave the room. Your lights consumes 11% of  your electricity bills. By turning off the lights you don't need, you'll begin saving right away and extend the life of your light bulbs.
  • Recycle - Recycling has been one of the basic steps in going green. Recycling is the processing of used materials (waste) into new products to reduce the consumption of raw materials and save energy. As for example, in the production of a remanufactured toner cartridges, 3 quarts of oil is saved.
  • Carpool - also known as car-sharing or ride-sharing, is the sharing of car journeys so that more than one person travels in a car. Carpooling is an environmental-friendly way to reduce carbon emissions and traffic congestion on the roads. In addition to that, it reduces each person's travel costs such as fuel costs, tolls and the stress of driving. 
  • Hang Out to Dry - Clothe dryers drain some of the most energy in your home. Dryers alone can cost almost 6 percent of a household's energy costs. Another good side is air-drying makes clothes smell better than those dried by dryers.
  • Turn off the Computer at Night - Many of us spend so much time in front of computers, checking e-mails and doing research. But at the end of the night, it is more prudent to turn off your computers than leaving them. Aside from reducing the tear on your hardware, extending its life, you'll save around $90 of your electricity costs a year.
  • Use Electronics & Appliances Efficiently - High-tech electronic devices and appliances out in the market now offer a feature called the "Eco Mode" or "Saving Mode". For PCs and laptops, there are standby modes that automatically let your computer hibernate or sleep when not use for ten minutes or so. For printers, the term "eco mode" stands for a setting in which printers uses minimum amount of ink in its printouts thus saving more ink and reducing the consumption of energy.
They say that there are no easy ways in accomplishing big things such as a perfect green planet but there are, only if we put the right amount of effort to this easy steps, we can achieve that healthier planet we have always dream of.

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