Monday, February 8, 2016

Fixing Color Cartridges

I’m sure lots of people tend to get annoyed when the colors on their printouts do not turn out right printer cartridgesThere may be instances wherein the colors coming out in your prints are not correct or no color is coming out at all even if you had just replaced your

Well, if you have encountered these relatively minor problems, do not panic. Take a deep breath and put your troubleshooting skills into practice. Troubleshooting color cartridge printers is actually very easy.

The first thing you have to do is to check on the Print Quality. When running on Windows OS, click on Start, select Settings and look for and click on the printer you are working with. Open the Settings folder and choose the Print Quality that you want to use. You may try choosing Best quality to check if the printout still has incorrect or no colors.

Make sure that you are using the right type of paper for the printer. Printer manufacturers usually recommend that you use the same brand of paper as the ink to ensure compatibility but you may use a different brand of paper provided that the substance and the quality of the paper is compatible to the specifications given in the ink cartridge. It might also be helpful to check if you are using the correct orientation of the paper. For example, check if the glossy part of the paper is facing up so that the printer will print on the right side of the paper.

If your printout has white lines or spots or if the color is not as vivid as you expect, try cleaning the nozzles of the print head. It might be clogged so the ink does not come out right. If the there are zigzagged vertical lines on the printout, this means that the print head of the printer (or cartridge) is not aligned correctly. You can correct this by using the printer’s utility program.

Another common problem is that the printout is missing some colors or the flow of the ink is inconsistent. This could mean that you have to change or refill your cartridge. But if there is still enough ink in the cartridge, then clean the nozzle. It might be clogged.

So now you know some color cartridge troubleshooting techniques. The next time that you encounter a problem with your printer, try these!

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