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HP 51A: Everything You Need to Know

HP 51A is undeniably one of the best selling toner cartridges that HP has ever made. This cartridge is known for its stellar print quality and reliable performance since the release of multitude LaserJet monochrome multifunction printers. In this article, we will go over the basics, technical how-to's and more about this prominent toner cartridge.

The HP 51A, also known as Q7551A, is a monochrome laser printer toner cartridge designed for select HP laserjet printers. Known for its preciseness and consistent print quality results, this particular toner has quickly become one of the top consumables from the past few years to this day. The HP 51A comes in two capacity sizes: standard yield and high yield. The standard capacity is the starter toner cartridge that came with the printer upon purchase. Whereas, the high yield is an optional replacement that has more toner powder in it. thus, produces more page prints. High capacity cartridges are the best option for high-volume printing and if you are looking to reduce your printing cost as they can save you a lot more in the long run. 

Technical Specs

Toner Cartridge Name: HP 51A
Part No: Q7551A
Print Technology: Monochrome Laser
Cartridge Color: Black
Page Yield:  Up to 6500 pages based on 5% coverage
OEM Retail Price: $146.99
Toner Cartridge Name: HP 51X
Part No: Q7551X
Print Technology: Monochrome Laser
Cartridge Color: Black
Page Yield:  Up to 13000 pages based on 5% coverage
OEM Retail Price: $243.99

The page yield or total print pages may vary depending upon the following factors: printer model, printer condition, type of paper being used, operating temperature and humidity.

Compatible Printers

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The HP 51A is designed to work with multitude laserjet printers and multifunction printers such as: LaserJet P3005, LaserJet P3005d, LaserJet P3005n, LaserJet P3005dn, LaserJet P3005x, LaserJet M3027, LaserJet M3027mfp, LaserJet M3027x, LaserJet M3035, LaserJet M3035mfp, LaserJet M3035xs mfp. 

Installation Guide

Installing or replacing the HP 51A toner cartridge is a simply and easy task: open the front cover of the printer, pull out the cartridge, install the new one, and close the front cover. One doesn't need any professional help in replacing an empty toner cartridge; Buy a replacement and follow this instructional guide to replace your empty printer's toner cartridge.

Should you refill your toner cartridge?

Toner refill kits are now widely available in the market and if you're serious in saving resources and keep the printing costs as low as possible, toner refilling is a no-brainer. But the truth is, this practice may post a risk to your printer. In general, DIY toner refilling requires opening of the toner cartridge to be able to refill the suggested volume toner powder. You can't just pour in the toner inside and make it work again. If you try to open the cartridge and happen to damage any moving parts inside it, your printer may not function properly and may eventually cause toner spills. Toner powder is a fine dust and can become air-borne and spread all over the place if not handled carefully. Such materials can be irritants posing health risks and contamination.

Affordable Options

Sad truth: original HP cartridges are way too expensive and sometimes cost more than the printer itself. Some people find it unreasonable to spend more than a hundred bucks just for consumables. For casual printer users that only do print something for once in a while, buying OEM toner cartridges may not be a good idea and might want to sort with other cheaper alternative options. This is where compatible and remanufactured replacement printer consumables come in handy. 
TonerGreen Compatible Replacement for HP 51 and HP 51X Black Toner Cartridges
These toner cartridges are basically made by third-party manufacturers, not associated with HP, who aim to provide replacements that can match or exceed OEM cartridges specifications at much lower prices. There are two types of alternative toner cartridge: compatible and remanufactured. The compatible cartridge is made from brand new parts and components identically fit with its OEM counterpart. Whereas, the remanufactured is an empty OEM toner cartridge that is recycled and filled with required toner powder. They perform as well as the OEMs in terms of print quality and page yield yet only cost over half the cost of a genuine. Alternatives are proven to significantly reduce up to 40% print expenses.

Will compatible toner cartridges void printer warranty?

That's a really good question. All printers come with manufacturer's warranty and they love to make you believe that using compatible consumables will void your printer warranty. But did you know that there are actually laws which states that this is simply not true? Magnusson - Moss Warranty Act as one them protecting consumer's rights and gives freedom to use aftermarket consumables and not use it as ground to void your printer warranty.

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